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15 April 2008 @ 10:00 am
goombye, UST!!!  
it's my last day of clerkship!!!

i have two weeks to make the most out of...

PALAWAN? BORA? Galera will always be the default since it's the most accessible. it's not how it used to be, it's so J-to-the-L-O now (jologs) and it's like, drag-infested, but desperate times call for desperate measures... it's the sunset at coco aroma, anyway. and the company, if i'm gonna have a good one.


i was in sidebar out at el pueblo last night with noel, cy and pao. it's been a year since the four of us have been reunited. we called toni then too. we had a blast, although cy, as usual, had to complain about everything--within the staff's earshot, so i hope to god no one spit in our food.

we're all plannin to go to the beach, maybe on the 25th-27th of this month, somewhere quiet like la luz (of course, galera is still our last resort). we talked about how much we've all changed and ironically remained the same in some ways.

noel still is a hopeless romantic, still single, dating, and tryin to love it, and compared to back in college, he's more of a workaholic now than he ever is--always on the phone saying stuff like, "the event in kenya is going to push through on that date, please inform me through email blah blah blah blah". and god, i always have to wait until he finishes his hour-long conversations before i can talk to him, even over coffee. it's ok though, i understand. although i bring a book now whenever i'm goin out to meet him. just in case.

cy is still the spoiled prima donna he is and proud of it. he's in a real relationship now with a great guy (finally!), mike, who's also a friend of mine. we're all hopin this will work out. i know he'll grow a lot from whatever its outcome may be.

pao... pao's actually changed the most. for one thing, he's not that much of a man-whore like he used to be haha. he's dating just one person now, not that serious yet, with a german last name he can't pronounce (probably a sausage like sauerkraut or bratwurst or whatever). he doesn't go out on too many gimmicks anymore. he spends a lot of time with his colleagues at work, and jetsettin' to bora or palawan or wherever for "team building seminars" (whutever).

as for me, well, i'm just ridin' steady. not elated, which is normal for a year and a half relationship, and not depressed, which is good for a relationship that's lasted this long. missin' the single life every now and then, though. i'm on that stage when i'm really considering, is this the person i really wanna spend the rest of my life with?


my sister's dating someone!!! AT LAST. from our class. i can't say anything anymore because i've been sworn to secrecy, i'm just hoping for the best because she deserves that.


arvin's workin' hard this week, he says it's so he can take me on a real vacation. ain't that sweet? we don't get that much time together anymore, since i gave up the apartment and moved back home. he lives out beyond sm north, it's damn far! after today i'll try to spend time with him and his family at their place. probably raid the fridge or force arvin to cook pumpkin soup and host a drinking session with his homeboys. hehe. or maybe we can have an "art day", which was somethin we did when i still had time before, we just spent the entire sunday cutting out stuff and making collages. he saved everything i made in his clearbook :)


my brother's an incoming sophomore at ateneo law. pretty fast, huh? he's moving out in july though. i don't think he can stand living with dad under the same roof (sigh). he's gonna live at his new condo unit in Joya at Rockwell. it's a pretty fancy place, i was jokin' about trashing the place and sleeping over there a lot hehehee.


damn it, it's almost ten. gotta get back to check on a patient. his BP's shooting up and stuff, and here i am talking about my so-called life (i hate claire danes, btw).

when is heroes comin' out with its next season ???
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